New showroom

New showroom in Prague 7 is already opened!


Bold, graphic and luxurious, Katori presents a wonderfully colourful, decorative collection of tactile upholstery velvets.


New fabric collection from Black Edition. Coming soon!


Take a journey into the unknown with Futurebound, where cutting edge, iridescent materials meet neoclassical designs, taking inspiration from futuristic spacescapes juxtaposed with punk themed, industrial references.


Great system that is not afraid of any window shape.


An exotic compendium of fabric, capturing the renaissance ‘cabinets of curiosities’, with a modern, more gentle twist. Hand drawn shimmering beetles, butterflies and dark painterly florals add drama, with luxurious satin and embroidery detail

Roller Blinds

The roller blind is a classic decorative product for sun protection.


Inspired by childhood memories of whimsical story books brought to life by captivating illustration.


Stately and elegant, this woven linen collection captures the grandeur of an English country manor.